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The Weekend PBR Wrap-Up – 6-Jan

Just the two Australian riders were in action over the weekend. Let’s take a look at how they fared on the first full weekend of competition in the U.S.A.

2020 PBR Unleash The Beast Tour – New York

Round 1

Brady Fielder opened his weekend with an 85.75 point ride on Chuck & Larry from LJ Jenkins and Richard & Teri Braun. The bull had a good look to the left and decided to enter a spin in the same direction. Fielder stuck with him until the whistle to collect the points. Twenty riders covered a bull in the opening round and Fielder ended the night placed tenth.

Unfortunately, Aaron Kleier couldn’t get past S&C from the same pen of bulls. The bull took a jump out to clear the chute and turned sharply back to the left, causing Kleier to fall forward and make the slap at the 2.50-second mark.

Round 2

Kleier made the most of a re-ride opportunity after his initial draw lost his footing and fell mid-ride. His second opponent was Pneu-Dart’s Coal Miner from Mike Miller who was expected to turn back to the left, and he did exactly that. Kleier got slightly behind early but showed plenty of hustle to get himself back in shape to finish the ride strong. He finished fifth on the night, marked 85.25 points to sit 20th in the aggregate.

Fielder slipped to 19th in the event after a 7.29-second defeat at the hands of Thunder’s Cartel from M Rafter E Bucking Bulls. The bull took a hop out and turned back to the right with not much rhythm. Fielder did well to avoid the well multiple times but got sucked down late for the touch.

Round 3

Kleier took on Total Feeds Bushwacked from Ohl, Herb, McDowell and Comozzi early in the round. The bull left the chutes strong as expected and he decided to turn back to the left but Kleier couldn’t keep his seat with the buck off coming at 5.17 seconds. The bull was marked 43.25 points.

Fielder was also down early, courtesy of Apocalypse from Deer Prarie Creek Bucking Bulls. The bull turned back to the left, right in the gate. Fielder made some big moves to keep up with the bull, but the speed puts him out over the front end for the touch at 7.32 seconds.

Extra Notes

For their efforts in the earlier rounds, Kleier left New York with 11 world points and placed 27th, while Fielder collected 3 world points and finished in 26th place.

João Ricardo Vieira produced yet another win in a PBR Major. The Brazilian was one of two riders to finish a perfect 4-for-4, and he capped off his weekend with a clutch 87.25 point ride on Bezerk from BMC Bucking Bulls and Jenkins Cattle Company.

Here are the Full Results from New York and also the updated PBR World Standings.

Other Events

At the Velocity Tour level in Oakland, it was Texan Bradley Brittain who finished on top of the leaderboard with a 2-for-2 effort. Brazil’s Dener Barbosa collected the Velocity Tour buckle in Florida at the Jacksonville event with a two bull total of 169.5.

There was a two-day Touring Pro Division event in Fort Worth that ran in conjunction with ABBI competition and it was Kansas’ Garrion Hull who took home the maximum points.

Check back on Wednesday for a Rundown of what is coming up this week in the PBR!

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