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The Weekend PBR Wrap Up – 30-Jul

Most of the Australian cowboys will be returning home this week with the PBR Australia Monster Energy Tour resuming with the Newcastle Invitational on Saturday Night.

Here is this week’s PBR Rundown.

We should still see a few guys on tour in North America including Nathan Burtenshaw who has four remaining injury exemption spots at the upcoming PBR Unleash The Beast events.

Here is a quick recap of each of the Aussie rides from this week:

PBR Unleash the Beast – Last Cowboy Standing

Aaron Kleier, Brady Fielder and Nathan Burtenshaw all continued their summer run’s at the third PBR Major event of the year in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Round 1

Aaron Kleier bucked off Dixie Explosion in 1.86 seconds. The bull turned back into his hand but lifted him up, and he nearly went over the handlebars. Kleier came out unscathed and the bull was marked 42 points.

Brady Fielder took Invizibull Fire to 7.33 seconds after the bull turned back to the left and away from his hand. He had an excellent seat but slid off the outside with the bull marked 41.75 points.

Nathan Burtenshaw lasted 2.72 seconds on Terror Struck. The bull turned back to the right but stalls and sets the Aussie up. He gots slung to the ground but looked ok as he exited the arena. 41.75 for the bull.

Round 2

Aaron Kleier was the only Australia rider to return. He would face Legit who turned back into the his hand. The bull reversed to the left mid-ride. Kleier had a great seat but he lost contact with his rope right at the whistle. The judges called for a review and the buck off was recorded at 7.97 seconds. Legit was marked 44 points.

The event was taken out by Chase Outlaw who moved into the No. 1 spot on the PBR World Standings.

PBR Touring Pro Division – Big Sky, MT.

Round 1

Nathan Burtenshaw looked fired up for his matchup with Gunsmoke. The gate cracked and bull turns back to the left in the gate with a fast and whippy action. Burtenshaw got a little bit behind and ended up out the back. Gunsmoke wons the matchup in 3.41 seconds and is marked 42 points.

Lachlan Slade faced Huckleberry who turned back to the left with good kick and speed. Slade lost his feet at the 4.14 second mark of the ride and had to make the touch to save himself going over the front end. Huckleberry was marked 43 points.

Round 2

Nathan Burtenshaw went up against Big Black Cat who came out with a lot of drop and forward movement. He turned back to the left and caught the Aussie out of position. The ride ended at 2.93 seconds with the bull marked 41 points.

Lachlan Slade on Switchback The gate cracks and the bull turns back to the left right in the pocket. Slade looks to have an outstanding seat but he just slips back at a crucial time and loses his feet. Down at 5.55 seconds with the bull receiving 43 points.

Round 3

Low Dog turned back fast to the right just out of the box and into Lachlan Slade‘s hand. He had a nice seat until the bull hesitated in his spin, causing Slade to touch down at 4.15 seconds. 43 points for the bull.

Nathan Burtenshaw battle Short Night around to the right. The bull had a very steep action and was kicking out the lights. He throws Burtenshaw forward with the ride ending at 2.57 seconds thanks to a hand plant. Short Night was marked 43.5 points.

Young-gun Dalton Kasel finished on top of the leaderboard.

PBR Canada Touring Pro Division – North Battleford, SK.

The young pack of Australian’s headed east for the final event of their trip with just one of our riders finishing the event with scores on the baord.

Aaron Kleier went 2-for-2 to finish off his run through North America with a 4th place finish in North Battleford.

The Clermont cowboy opened his account with a 78 point ride aboard R Saga Ranch’s Mystic in Round 1 and backed that up with an 86 point effort in the Championship Round. Kleier combined with Finning Twitch from Flying Four Bucking Bulls to receive the score.

Finning Twitch turned back to to the right and away from Kleier’s hand with the Aussie making some excellent corrections to stay on top until the whistle.

Canadian bull rider Dakota Buttar won the event.

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