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The Weekend PBR Wrap-Up – 29-June

The preliminary rounds of the PBR’s Monster Energy Teams Challenge are all in the books and the teams who will contend for the title in Sioux Falls are locked in.

Ky Hamilton finished with an overall record of 5-for-11. He did pick up a few injuries which we will have to monitor over the next fortnight leading into Championship Weekend.

If you missed my Week 1 coverage, you can find it here.

Here is how it all went down inside the SouthPoint Arena:

PBR Monster Energy Team Challenge – Division B – Week 2

Saturday – Game 30 – Team Ariat v Team South Point

Team Ariat shot out to an early two-score lead after a re-ride affected opening round, and they went on with the job in the second half of the match, extending their undefeated record to 4 games with a 258.5-nil caning of Team South Point.

In the opening round, Ky Hamilton climbed aboard Buckin’ For Cash from Paradigm Bull Company with the matchup going 6.97 seconds. The bull shot forward in the chute as they cracked the latch, but with a good grip on the gate, the 20-year-old somehow managed to hold his position and almost ended up in front of his rope. The judges threw their red flags, and Hamilton was presented with a re-ride option.

Hamilton’s re-ride bull was Mortimer, and the Aussie was expected to make light work of the Julio Moreno and Dallas Schott bucker. The bull turned back to the right and into the hand of the rider, and it was over. Hamilton spurred him for the entire 8-seconds with his share of the 86.5 point ride score hitting 45.

With a chance to secure the win for his team in the first Team Ariat trip of Round 2, Hamilton once again made no mistakes against Sniper from Dakota Rodeo, Chad Berger and Clay Struve. The bull was around to the left from the left delivery, and after the Mackay talent made a big move to counter early in the ride, he never looked in danger. The bull made a late reversal of direction and added some forward movement, but it was too late with 84.25 points awarded.

Sunday – Game 31 – Team Ariat v Team Boot Barn

With their place at Championship Weekend guaranteed, Team Ariat went about capturing the top seed and a first-round bye in South Dakota. Tyler Bingham produced a clutch Round 2 bull ride to match Andrew Alvidrez and even things up at 86.75 points apiece. Both team captains had a shot at splitting the deadlock in the final outs of the matchup, but both were down early.

Get Shorty from Dakota Rodeo, Chad Berger, Clay Struve and Heald Pro Bulls looked a favourable draw for Hamilton in Round 1, but things didn’t go to plan. The bull turned back to the right, but at the 3.11-second mark, Hamilton lost his balance and ended up horizontal over the front end. He took a few shots from Get Shorty and was hung up for a few moments. The bull was marked 42.5 points and Hamilton was met by Sports Medicine after leaving the arena gingerly.

Justin Felisko provided some updates via Twitter, “According to Dr Tandy Freeman, Team Ariat’s Ky Hamilton is out for the second half after being hit in the jaw and hyperextending his right elbow.”

He later added, “Dr Freeman has listed Team Ariat’s Ky Hamilton as questionable for tomorrow with a potential left jaw fracture.”

At the conclusion of play Felisko also tweeted, “Team Ariat Captain Cooper Davis tells me Ky Hamilton (potential broken jaw) wants to stay in the lineup for tomorrow’s Division B title game against Pendleton. If Hamilton feels worse in the morning, Ariat may have to swap him out. For now, Hamilton plans on helping his team.”

Monday – Game 36 – Team Ariat v Team Pendleton Whiskey

Teams Ariat and Pendleton Whiskey both had their injury dramas heading into the CBS Game of the Week. Ariat entered the match with four wins and a draw, while Pendleton Whiskey had four wins and a loss, so the winner of this match would earn themselves a first-round bye at Championship Weekend.

Ky Hamilton took his place in the starting line up for Team Ariat despite the injuries he has picked up over the past two weekends of competition. Tyler Bingham and Cooper Davis.

Marco Eguchi, Lucas Divino and Boudreaux Campbell were named to start for Justin McBride’s Pendleton Whiskey team, but they also had their injury issues.

In Round 1, Hamilton faced Dust Bender from Dakota Rodeo, Chad Berger and Clay Struve. Hamilton looked confident climbing aboard despite his injuries, but the bull ended the matchup at the 2.25-second mark with a 43.75 point trip. Dust Bender turned back to the left with loads of speed and power to put Hamilton in the dirt early.

At the mid-point of the matchup, it was Team Ariat out in front after a fantastic Captain’s bull ride by Cooper Davis for 88.5 points. Marco Eguchi was on the board for the opposition after he was marked 86.75 points in his matchup.

By the time we got back around to Hamilton in the second round, Team Pendleton Whiskey had built an insurmountable 3 ride to 1 lead with Eguchi and Campbell adding scores.

Hamilton went up against Little Okie from 4B Bucking Bulls in the final trip of the event. The bull took a jump or two out and then turned back to the left and away from Hamilton’s hand. Hamilton got a bit too far to the outside and couldn’t make it back, called for the touch at 4.02. The bullscore was 41 points.

The final score was 258.75 to 88.5.

Full results can be found here.

Despite the final game loss, Team Ariat will progress to Championship Weekend after finishing the pool games with a 4-1-1 record. The finals in South Dakota will kick off on Saturday, 11 July.

Also progressing from Division B are Teams Pendleton Whiskey and Boot Barn. They will meet up with Division A qualifiers Cooper Tires, Can-Am, and Las Vegas.

Check back each Wednesday to find out what is coming up this week in The PBR Rundown.

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