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The Weekend PBR Wrap-Up – 2020 Global Cup Edition

Another very exciting PBR Global Cup came down to the wire with Team USA Eagles emerging victorious to become the first home team to win lift the trophy.

The Aussies produced an outstanding team performance across the weekend to finish runner-up. Let’s recap each ride and how it all went down inside AT&T Stadium at Arlington, Texas.

2020 PBR Global Cup – Arlington, TX.

Round 1

In Round 1, Team Australia coaches Troy Dunn and Will Watson rested Nathan Burtenshaw.

Lachlan Richardson led the team away aboard Space Force, with the bull winning in 3.01 seconds with a bull score of 42.25. The bull turned back to the right and into Richardson’s hand. The 27-year-old gots a bit ahead of him and ended up in the well.

Cliff Richardson put the first score on the board for the Aussies with 85.5 points on Wicked Hou. The bull stumbled slightly leaving the chutes and hipped himself turning to the right. He ended up spinning to the left, and the Gresford veteran completed a great ride away from his hand.

Brady Fielder received a re-ride after Black Cadillac committed a foul getting clear of the chute.

The second bull for Fielder would be Caddyshack, and the bull won the battle in 1.75 seconds. The bull left the chutes very strong and turned back to the left, causing the 19-year-old’s hand to pop from his rope. The bull was rightly marked 44-points.

At the halfway mark of the round, the Leaderboard was headed by Team Canada with 174.75 points on two. Brazil was second on 90.25 points. USA Eagles in third on 86 points with Australia close behind on 85.5 points

Clermont’s Aaron Kleier added to Australia total with 84.25 points aboard The Tickler. The bull took a few up and down hops out, and finally turned back to the right at low speed. Kleier handled him with ease away from his hand.

Troy Wilkinson was next out against Joker, with the bull winning in 2.10 seconds. In his 42.5 point trip, the bull took a massive leap out of the chutes and brought Wilkinson down on the turn back to the left.

In the final section, Ky Hamilton took on Smokin’ Gun. The clock was stopped at 3.30 seconds after the bull turned back to the right, and Hamilton was tipped into the well. The 43.75-point out for the bull had the Mackay youngster limping from the arena with a suspected knee injury.

At the conclusion of the round, it was Team Canada who held a slim lead in the 2020 PBR Global Cup Leaderboard with 259.75 points. USA Eagles were right behind on 258.25 points. Australia sat third on 169.75 points. Brazil surprisingly had just one score on the board, with 90.25 points and the USA Wolves finished on 85.25 points. Mexico failed to post a score in the opening round.

Bonus Round

Coach Dunn drafted Speed Demon for Nathan Burtenshaw, but things didn’t go to plan. The bull lept out and looked right, then stalled and faked to the left but kept going to the right and kept low. That bought Burtenshaw down over the front for the slap at 3.23 seconds with the bull marked 43.5 points.

In Australia’s final trip of the opening night, it was Lachlan Richardson aboard Rebel Call. In his 45.5 point trip, the bull turned back to the left immediately and put Richardson is out the back at the 2-second mark.

Round 3

According to Dr Tandy Freeman, Ky Hamilton suffered a sprained right MCL injury and was doubtful for the final day of competition.

Aaron Kleier got Team Australia off to a cracking start aboard Full Count. The bull was very fidgety in the chute, but Kleier called for the gate, and the bull turns back to the left. The 20-year-old got behind in the ride and almost bucked off, but he fought back to make the whistle and receive 84.5 points.

Lachlan Richardson made it back to back qualified rides with 88.5 points on Trail of Tears. The bull turned back around to the right and into Richardson’s hand. The Gresford cowboy made no mistakes and handled the bull with ease.

Troy Wilkinson kept Australia perfect in the round aboard Night Sweats with an 84.75 points ride. The bull turned back around to the left as the gate cracked and the Upper Horton bull rider made no mistakes, completing a solid bull ride into his hand.

Halfway through the round, the Team USA Eagles led the 2020 PBR Global Cup with 435.5 points. Australia was hot on their heels with 427.5 points. Canada was third on 259.75 points. Brazil fourth with 169.75 points. Mexico remained on 89 points, and the USA Wolves were sixth on 85.25 points.

Brady Fielder looked to continue Australia’s streak, but he was unseated at the 5.26-second mark by Night Hawk. The bull turned back to the right, and Fielder had a nice seat to begin with. The bull’s forward movement put the Clermont talent back off his rope, and he was flung out the back. 43.25 points was the bull score.

Nathan Burtenshaw got the train back on the tracks with a fantastic 87-point ride aboard Quasimodo to give Australia the lead after Section 5. The bull was around to the left and away from the 25-year-old’s hand. Burtenshaw had a great seat and showed outstanding hustle to stick with the bull and get him done. It was a rough landing though, and he left the arena clutching at his right shoulder injury. The injury would rule him out of the Bonus Round and was diagnosed as a dislocated shoulder.

Cliff Richardson anchored the team against Throw Down, who appeared to win the battle in 2.49 seconds. The bull slid around to the right and stayed low. He stumbled and drew the slap from Richardson, who challenged and was awarded another bull.

Richardson‘s re-ride bull would be the rider-friendly Red Bandana. The bull took a hop or two out and turned back to the left, putting Richardson back off his rope. At 3.27 seconds, the 28-year-old was out the back with the bull score coming in at 41.25 points.

At the end of Round 3 and entering the final Bonus Round draft, Team USA Eagles held the lead on 523.75 points. Australia was close behind on 514.5 points. Canada and Brazil were out of the running with 259.75 points and 258.75 points respectively. Mexico was stuck on 89 points, and USA Wolves remained on 85.25 points.

Bonus Round

Lachlan Richardson was drafted Hocus Pocus in the first section. The bull was around the right with loads of forward movement and power. Too much for Richardson with the buck off coming at 3.95 seconds. In the second-highest marked trip of the event, 46.25 points went to the bull.

The final matchup and with a chance to win the event featured Aaron Kleier on Canadian Mist. The bull caught plenty of air as he left the chute and turned back to the left. With plenty of height in his action, the bull lifted the dual Aussie Champion up and brought him down to the outside. The buck off came at 4.85 seconds with the bull scored 44.5 points.

Final Standings

Here are the final results of the 2020 PBR Global Cup with each team facing 16 bulls.

  1. USA Eagles – 523.75 points.
  2. Australia – 514.5 points.
  3. Canada – 259.75 points.
  4. Brazil – 258.75 points.
  5. Mexico – 89 points.
  6. USA Wolves – 85.25 points.

Next Global Cup?

There was no announcement regarding the next stop for the PBR Global Cup competition, but I don’t think we will be far away from hearing where it will be!

Check back on Wednesday for a full rundown of what is coming up this week in the PBR!

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