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The Morning Line – Iron Cowboy Tamworth

The bracket format of Iron Cowboy can throw up a few interesting results, but it tends to favour those riders who ride a high percentage of their bulls. While the event focus is on the rider matchups, there are some nice bull and rider combinations set for Round 1 and I think we should see some solid scores posted.

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Bailey Woodard on Russian Roulette (Stuart Timm/Allen)

We have seen this bull out twice in PBR competition and both resulted in quick buck offs. The bull had a good look to the left in Newcastle before deciding to turn back to the right.

Woodard has bucked off his last six bulls but has drawn some tough bulls at recent events and I think he will match up with Russian Roulette quite well.

As I said, we haven’t seen this bull past about the 3-second mark of the ride but he gives the indication that he will get stronger after he settles into his spin and the matchup goes on.

Sonny Schafferius on Chocolate Thunder (Eric Yates)

Chocolate Thunder was not at his best during the winter but after a change in delivery at Dubbo, it looks as though he is back to his best. They take him back to the right-handed delivery for this out.

I think these two will match up well with Schafferius being a bit bigger than your average rider.

Chocolate Thunder is a big strong bull that will be around to the right and if Schafferius can keep his feet down he should go close to posting a score.

Lucas Divino on Django (Wallace Bucking Bulls)

Divino went 3-for-3 here in Tamworth last year and it looks as though he has drawn well to get his Australian campaign off to a good start once again here.

Django has only been covered twice in his six outs but his opponents have been ranked much lower than what he will face here with Divino.

The bull will be around to the right as they leave the gate, and this will be right into the Brazilian’s wheelhouse.

Fraser Babbington on SweetPro’s Deceptacon (Kasper Bucking Bulls)

Babbington is in the midst of an eight-event buck-off streak but I think he has the draw that will help him get the train back on the track.

Deceptacon should be around to the right and into Babbington’s hand. He has only been covered twice but most riders make it into the second half of the ride where Deceptacon can throw a trick or two at the rider.

Aaron Kleier on Storm Boy (Frank Biddle)

The current PBR Australia leader will have his work cut out in this rematch from Last Cowboy Standing in 2017 where the bull won in 5.98 seconds.

Storm Boy is a veteran bull who remains unridden in PBR competition. He usually puts in a big fake to the right before turning back to the left with good power and speed. Bull scores upwards of 43.50 are posted regularly.

We haven’t seen him since February, so I am sure he will be fresh and ready to buck.

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