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The Mid-Week PBR Wrap-Up – 16-Jan

Five Australian cowboys made their way to The Mile High City for a three-day mid-week PBR Velocity Tour event. This event was held in front of a packed house and ran in conjunction with the National Stock Show and Rodeo.

2020 PBR Velocity Tour – Denver, CO.

Round 1

Round 1 was held over two nights, and 90 bull riders had their chance to progress onto the 30-man Round 2.

Team Australia team member Ky Hamilton was the first Aussie out on night one, and he faced Guy Brother’s Cookies & Cream (Tyler Farris Bucking Bulls). The bull took a big look to the left before turning back to the right. Hamilton did well to avoid ending up in the well as the bull continued his spin. The Mackay cowboy made some nice corrections to make the whistle. The ride wasn’t pretty, but it resulted in an 81.5 point score. Hamilton finished the night in eleventh but at the completion of the round had slipped to twentieth.

The other Aussie out in the first half of the opening round was Lane Mellers who put together a great ride for 84-points aboard Juicy Fruit (Talbert Bucking Bulls). The Mundubbera bull rider called for the gate, and the bull took a few long leaps to clear the chute before turning back to the right. He had a lot of up and down in his motion, and Mellers stuck with him the entire way. Mellers found himself splitting seventh place after night one, and thirteenth place after the round had been completed.

Things didn’t go as planned on night two for Brady Fielder aboard Corn Star (Owens, Wyatt and Smith). The bull turned back to the right and into his hand but stalled facing the chutes and reversed back to the left. Fielder slipped to the outside and couldn’t recover with the buck off coming at 3.55 seconds.

Next to ride was Lawson Nobbs who had no issues dealing with Burn It Down (L&E Bucking Bulls). The pair combined for 80 points after the bull turned back away from Nobbs’ hand for a round or two. The bull then bucked up and down in the same spot for a short time before going forward and around to the left. The Moura talent finished Round 1 in twenty-first place.

The final Australian to ride was Aaron Kleier, and he went up against King Richard (Hart, Ogden, Davis and Samford). The bull took a few off-timed hops out and then whipped around to the right. Kleier lost his feet and needed to plan his hand down on the bull’s neck to stop going over the handlebars. Gets hung up for a split second but emerges unscathed with the buck off coming at 2.98 seconds.

Round 2

The trio of Aussies who posted scores in the opening round all made it through to the second round.

Ky Hamilton was the first to nod of the Australian’s, and he faced Big Kahuna (Bierema Rodeo). The bull extended his perfect record to 22-0 with a 2.85 seconds buck off. After walking out of the chutes, the bull set Hamilton back on his pockets before launching forwards, bringing the 19-year-old down over the front.

20-year-old Lane Mellers couldn’t handle Little Texas (Talbert Bucking Bulls) who turned back away from his hand. The bull turned to the left with a big roll to the outside which put Mellers out of position. He did well to hang in there for another spin but couldn’t recover with the buck off recorded at 2.42 seconds.

Shortly after, Lawson Nobbs was marked down at 3.12 seconds courtesy of Holy Terror (L&E Bucking Bulls). The bull rocked out of the gate and turned right. He then backs up slightly in the air, and his steep action forces the 22-year-old to make the slap.

Championship Round

Lane Mellers was the lone Australian to make it through to the short go, entering the round splitting fifteenth, but rode in the fourteenth slot which set up a matchup with Accelerator (Terrell and Smith).

As his name suggests, the bull turns back to the left, away from Mellers’ hand and put the hammer down. The young-gun got slightly to the outside and took a down at the dirt, ending up there at 4.36 seconds.

Mellers remained in fifteenth place but picked up no points towards the 2020 PBR World Standings.

Here are the full results from Denver.

Texan Taylor Toves took the win with a 2-for-3 performance and a score of 177.5 points.

Stay tuned for the regular weekend Aussies Abroad which will be out tomorrow and don’t forget The PBR Rundown for this week is live on the website!

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