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Stats from the first third of the 2019 PBR Australia season

We are now a third of the way through the 2019 PBR Australia season, and I think this would be an excellent opportunity to have a look at some statistics from the first eight events.

PBR Fans have witnessed 338 official outs across 19 rounds of competition so far, with a further 31 re-rides and re-bulls recorded.

Fourteen of those rounds have come at the Monster Energy Tour level and have been broadcast live on RidePass with the remaining five rounds occurring in Touring Pro Division competition.

Riding Percentages

The cowboys are tracking along at quite a high riding percentage. The 34.32% recorded so far in 2019 comes courtesy of 116 qualified rides and ride scores averaging out at 82.37 points.

This riding percentage is well up from the 2018 season where riders covered 31.07% of their bulls across all events including the Global Cup, and 30.21% at the PBR Australia regular season events. In 2017, the qualified ride rate was 27.38%.

The highest riding percentage we have seen so far in the 2019 season was a massive 56.76% last weekend at the Traralgon Invitational. The Shepparton Invitational is the next best at a 40% success rate.

The only percentage I can find higher than Traralgon, was when the world’s best riders covered 59.40% of their bulls at the 2018 PBR Global Cup in Sydney. The 2018 Blackall Touring Pro Division is the highest regular-season event across the last two seasons at 46.31%.

The lowest riding percentages that we have seen this season came at the Adelaide (23.53%) and Melbourne (24%) Invitational events.

These figures are not the lowest that I have on record. In the 2017 Touring Pro Division, just 10% of bulls were covered at Gladstone and 12% ridden in Mackay. Last season, just 14% were covered at the Touring Pro Division event in Rockhampton on New Year’s Eve.

Rider Stats

Cody Heffernan holds the two highest marked rides of the 2019 season with dual 88.50-point efforts aboard Mr Buckmore (Throsby & Russell Bucking Bulls) at the Ballarat Invitational, and Ransom 2 (John Gill & Sons) at the Yass Touring Pro.

Troy Wilkinson holds the third highest recorded score with 88 points aboard Lost Signal (Throsby & Russell Bucking Bulls) in Round 2 at the Marrabel Touring Pro while Cliff Richardson is next best after he combined with Mr Buckmore for 87 points on his way to winning the Shepparton Invitational.

Rubens Barbosa (4-from-5, 80%) and Jason Mara (2-from-3, 66.67%) hold the highest riding percentages so far this season after attending limited events.

Of the competitors who have attended more than three events, Lachlan Richardson holds the highest success rate of 64.17% on 11-from-17 riding across eight events. Richardson has an average ride score of 82.05 points.

Current No. 1 ranked Cody Heffernan has covered 8-from-14 (57.14%) with a remarkable average score of 85.35 points. Heffernan has won three of the seven events he has competed in so far in the 2019 season.

Heffernan accumulated 73.97% of his $12,329.36 in prizemoney over a 22-day period where he won the Monster Energy Tour events in Bendigo and Ballarat and the Yass Touring Pro.

Bull Stats

During the 2017 and 2018 seasons, the bovine athletes averaged 41.35 points and 41.37 points respectively. This season, the average mark is slightly up after the first eight events to 41.49 points.

The highest bull score average so far in 2019 went to the Marrabel Touring Pro pen of bulls who averaged 41.97 points.

Interestingly, the bulls recorded their lowest average mark of 40.30 points at the Adelaide Invitational where the riders also recorded their season-low riding percentage.

Two bulls have cracked the magical 45-point mark this season.

Uncle Si (Throsby & Russell Bucking Bulls) holds the highest marked out with 45.5 points awarded for his 6.21-second buck off of Cliff Richardson at the Marrabel Touring Pro.

Pen mate Hammer McKenzie was scored 45 points by the judges in the same round in Marrabel with Flávio Vinícius da Silva lasting 5.40 seconds.

Close behind with a mark of 44.5 points are Mr Buckmore, Call Me Joe, Aces & Eights (Throsby & Russell Bucking Bulls), and Stir Crazy (John Gill & Sons).

Battle Jack, Black Bantam, Bad Apple, Train Wreck (Throsby & Russell Bucking Bulls) and Hidden Agenda (Kasper Bucking Bulls) also produced solid outs with 44 points recorded.

Two bulls have bucked out at all eight PBR Australia events with Jack Hammer (Woodall Rodeo Co.) giving up two qualfied rides and Lost Signal (Throsby & Russell Bucking Bulls) covered five times. The average ride score on Lost Signal was 85.60 points.

Hot Dots, Lost Signal, Mr Buckmore, Train Wreck (Throsby & Russell Bucking Bulls) and Windy Gate (George Hempenstall) have all carried cowboys to multiple round wins so far in 2019.

In five qualified rides, Lost Signal has combined with five riders for a total of 290 round points towards the PBR Australian National Standings with $1,500.68 prizemoney won.

$1,684.61 in prize money was won on Windy Gate in four outs with 231.66 points accumulated. Mr Buckmore was next best with a total of 200 points and $1,346.13 in prize money from just two qualified rides.

Rider favourite Snitch (Throsby & Russell Bucking Bulls) was covered in 100% of his outs to begin 2019. He was out five times at five events for five qualified rides with riders collecting $1,369.90 in prize money.

We will check the stats again after the Mount Isa events at the end of June.

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