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OPINION: PBR on Recast Review

I have had a few questions about watching the PBR on ‘Recast’ over the last couple of weeks, so I wanted to give you a quick rundown of my experience.

I was in Tamworth the weekend of the PBR Teams Finals when the service launched, so I didn’t watch it live, but I have purchased events and caught up with replays and had a good look around since then.

The big positive is that we get to watch the PBR live from the USA for the first time in about 15 months.

I see that this weekend’s Velocity Tour stop in Fort Worth is on the schedule, so i’d say we should be able to see all Unleash The Beast and Velocity Tour events in the first half of the year, plus the Teams Series and Challenger Series in the back half.

The viewing is good, and we should continue to get a mix of the regular in-arena RidePass coverage plus the CBS telecasts depending on the event type.

PBR Australia events are streamed live through Facebook, and PBR Canada events are not broadcast live to my knowledge, so it wouldn’t surprise me if we see events from both countries on Recast in the future.

Now for the negative – and it’s a big one. The Price.

Here is the breakdown:
Each PBR event advertised on Recast has a price of 200 Tokens.
The cheapest way to buy tokens is to purchase a pack of 1100 for AUD 18.50.
That means each event costs $3.36.

Between now and Christmas day, ten performances are scheduled on the PBR UTB and Velocity Tours, so watching each of them will cost you over $30.

I have yet to go much further through the calendar, but there appear to be 2-3 day UTB events and a Velocity Tour stop almost every weekend.

Start watching 2-3 performances a week and your yearly cost could quickly exceed $400. That’s without adding PBR Australia events into the mix if they make the move.

With most of us on the road each weekend, spending limited time at home or only having the ability to catch the odd replay, it is my opinion that this is not a suitable alternative to RidePass where the subscription cost was around 25% of what is now required to watch a year of PBR on Recast.

Plus, you miss out on all of the extra PBR programming that is now shown on the RidePass Channel on PlutoTV.

So, I won’t be a regular subscriber as the cost is far too high. Sure, if I can guarantee I will be at home, on the couch, watching live, and I can cast it from my phone (the only platform with an app) to my TV for the entire performance, then it might be worth it for the odd event or performance.

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