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Important Standings and Points Update

There has been a late-season adjustment to the 2019 PBR Australian National Standings after an issue with points allocations at many of the 2019 Monster Energy Tour events was discovered.

PBR Australia has rectified the problem, and all information on their website following the 2019 Mildura Invitational is now correct.

Monster Energy Tour winners and placegetters at Shepparton, Bendigo, Ballarat, Traralgon, Grafton, Mackay and Queanbeyan incorrectly received event points designated for three-round events. As these events were two-round performances, the winner should have received 350 points and not 400 points.

Round points awarded were correctly, and the points awarded at the Cup events in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney Origin, Brisbane, Cairns and Newcastle did not change. Touring Pro Division event points were unaffected.

As a result of this change, the gap between Aaron Kleier and Brady Fielder has narrowed by 145 points and sits at 840 points. Under the incorrect points system, the difference following Mildura would be at 985 points.

The placings of other riders may have changed slightly, but the margins remain quite similar to those that I mentioned in my Race for the Finals article last week.

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