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Aussies Abroad – 2022 PBR World Finals – Rounds 1-3

The 2022 PBR World Finals kick off inside Dickies Arena tomorrow with the first of two big weekends. This weekend we will see Rounds 1, 2 and 3 of the competition. Next weekend we will see 4, 5, 6 and Championship Sunday.

A big congratulations to Clermont’s Brady Fielder for qualifying for his second PBR World Finals and I’m very excited to see how he performs in Fort Worth. He finished the regular season ranked 24th in the world, with 9 scores from 17 attempts (52.94%) in PBR Australia competition and 9 qualified rides from 27 outs (33.33%) across the Unleash the Beast Tour and Global Cup.

All rounds of the 2022 PBR World Finals will air live on the PBR Australia Facebook page each day, so we shouldn’t miss a minute. I will try to keep Aussies Abroad updated each day, so check back each morning for Fielder’s matchup details.

Round 1

The opening round will kick off on Saturday at 9:45 am AEST and the draw has been randomly set and it is an ABBI Classic night.

Fielder will be out just before the ad break in Section 1 and he faces 811 Game Over from Cooper, Scruggs and Bishop.

We haven’t seen much of this bull on tour with just three PBR outs to his name and they were all at the Velocity Tour level. He was ridden in his second career trip at the 2021 Velocity Tour Finals for 87.50 points by Andrew Alvidrez.

Last weekend in Corpus Cristi, he bucked at this season’s Velocity Finals and was marked 43.5 points, with Matt Triplett coming down in 2.4 seconds.

The bull should be around to the right and into Brady’s hand just in front of the chutes without too many tricks. He looks to be a nice draw.

Here is the daysheet.

Round 2

Fielder sits 12th in the aggregate after putting together a solid ride in Round 1 for 84.25 points aboard Game Over.

Round 2 was a draft round and it will begin on Sunday at 9:45 am AEST. Fingers crossed they remember to hit the share to the PBR Australian and Canada pages button.

For the second round, he picked D27 Homebru from D&H Cattle and Buck Cattle and will ride in the third section of the night. This bull has been covered for a bunch of 90+ point scores over the past six months. The problem is, that almost all of the seven scores recorded have gone to left-handed riders. Right-handers are just 1 from 13.

The bull turns back to the left and he regularly posts bull scores around the 44.5-45 point range. If he can make the bell, they should be a bunch of points!

Here is the daysheet.

Round 3

Fielder was bucked off in Round 2 after his bull made a couple of big jumps in the chutes before leaving, then faking right and turning back left. The buck off came at 6.19 seconds with Homebru marked 44.25 points. He sits 17th in the aggregate.

This will be the final round of the weekend and starts at 4:45 am AEST on Monday, so set those alarms. This round was a random draw and Brady will be out very early in the first section.

His draw for Round 3 is 714 Body Count from Bob & Jeri Adams and BS Cattle Company, who has had 17 trips in PBR competition and about three-quarters of those have been at the Unleash the Beast level.

This is another bull that tends to suit left-handers more than right-handed riders. Three of the four qualified rides have gone the way of the lefties with the average across all 8-second rides is pushing the 90-point mark.

He will turn back to the left and bucks hard with some high jumps and plenty of hang time.

Here is the daysheet.

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