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Aussies Abroad – 29-Apr

We are not too far off the 2022 PBR World Finals, so the opportunities for cowboys to qualify are running out.

This week we will see World No. 20 Brady Fielder and World No 84 Ky Hamilton in action.

Billings UTB – Round 1

Round 1 of the three-day Unleash the Beast event in Billings will kick off on Saturday at 11:45 am AEST.

Hamilton will lead off Section 2 aboard Alberta Springs from Vold Rodeo. This will be the bull’s debut PBR trip after Ramon de Lima couldn’t get him out last week in Nampa.

Fielder will ride in the back end of Section 3. He faces Forbidden Fruit from Frihauf Cattle Co who is unridden in about 15 PBR outs at all levels of competition with an average bull score of around 43-points. He turns back to the right at a pretty good tempo but tends to get stronger as the out progresses with some long buck-off times featured in his rundown.

The full daysheet is available here.

Billings UTB – Round 2 & 15/15 Bucking Battle

Round 2 will begin at 10:45 am AEST on Sunday and it will be followed by a 15/15 Bucking Battle.

The good news is, Ky Hamilton finished 7th in Round with an 183.75-point ride on Alberta Springs. The bull stumbled and jumped backwards in the air but Hamilton finished strong into his hand and progressed onto Championship Sunday.

It wasn’t such a happy day for Brady Fielder, who bucked off his first bull of the weekend in 4+ seconds. Forbidden Fruit turned back to the right with Fielder coming down to the outside awkwardly. That resulted in a nasty hang up with Fielder running alongside the bull for what seemed an age after regaining his feet. He seemed uninjured as he walked from the arena without assistance.

Here is a good story on Ky with a replay of his ride.

Round 2 features another 25 riders who will be attempting to qualify for the third day of competition, so we just have Fielder riding.

Fielder is locked in for the 15/15 Bucking Battle against Cherry Bomb from Flinn and D&H Cattle Co. This bull has been around for a couple of years now after making his way through ABBI competition. He should be bucking hard around to the right not far from the gate. He will jump high in the air and can wind his way away from the chutes. He hasn’t been ridden too many times, but scores have been in the mid to high 80-point range when riders have reached the bell.

Here is the daysheet for Saturday.

Billings UTB – Championship Sunday

The final rounds will begin at 5:45 am AEST on Monday.

Ky Hamilton starts the day 11th in the aggregate and will be out in the back end of Section 2 against Marquis Metal Works Coreiolis Effect from Paradigm Bull Company and Marquis Metal Works. This bull hadn’t been ridden much over the past two seasons, but has been covered twice from five outs this year. He jumps high in the air, turns back to the left and kicks hard. Derek Kolbaba was 88.5 points on this bull back in Los Angeles in February. Right-handers are 0-for-9.

We will have to wait until just before the ad break in Section 4 to see Brady Fielder. He faces Mr. Winson from Dakota Rodeo – Chad Berger and Clay Struve. This bull has been ridden seven times from ten trips in 2022. All scores have been in the 86 to 88-point range. He turns back to the right and reverses to the left on most occasions. Right-handers have covered this bull in about 33% of their attempts.

Here is the daysheet.


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