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Aussies Abroad – 28-Feb

Three Australian bull riders will contest the two events scheduled for decision in the USA this weekend.

Check out the PBR Rundown for all the event times and coverage details.

Sunday – PBR Unleash The Beast Tour – Kansas City, MO.

Clermont’s Aaron Kleier retains the No. 19 position in the 2020 PBR World Standings following his fifteenth place finish last weekend in St Louis.

There are another two Australians currently eligible for UTB spots, but missing from the Kansas City draw will be No. 23 Lachlan Richardson (declined UTB spot) and No. 27 Nathan Burtenshaw (shoulder injury).

Round 1

Kleier will face Midnight Rock from Cord McCoy and Shotgun Bulls in the opening round, which doubles as an ABBI Classic round. This bull has had six trips in his short career and has been ridden twice. From the right delivery, this bull will turn back immediately and enter an intense right-handed spin. Lefties are 1-for-2 against this bull and Kleier will be hoping to push the riders ahead in that record.

Round 1 Daysheet

Sunday – PBR Velocity Tour – North Charleston, SC.

This week, Moura’s Lawson Nobbs will be joined on the Velocity Tour by Clermont’s Brady Fielder.

Fielder has slipped to 64th in the PBR World Standings after missing last weekend and is looking to snap a six-bull buck off streak dating back to mid-January. The 20-year-old is around 30 points behind the No. 35 ranked rider.

Nobbs is ranked No. 90 in the PBR World Standings and is in the midst of a nine-bull buck off streak which he desperately needs to snap to avoid slipping outside of the Top-100.

Round 1

Fielder will take on Freakin Wicked from Davis Rodeo Ranch and Fogle in the second section of the round. Lawson Nobbs actually took on this bull last weekend in Hampton. He has given up six scores from 34 trips, but he has beaten the last 20 riders to climb aboard. This bull can turn back in either direction, but he prefers a left-handed spin.

Nobbs will lead Section 3 against Dang It, also from Davis Rodeo Ranch and Fogle. This bull has also had a bunch of career outs and has combined with seven riders top post scores. He likes to hustle around to the left as soon as the gate cracks. At the Global Cup, Jose Vitor Leme became the second rider to post an 89-point ride on this bull.

Round 1 Daysheet

Monday – PBR Unleash The Beast Tour – Kansas City, MO.

Round 2

Kleier‘s matchup for the second long round will be Holy Terror from L&E Bull Company, Crazy 8 Cattle and FT Bulls. This bull has had about a dozen PBR trips and has allowed just the two scores averaging in the mid-80-point range. No left-handed rider has made the whistle, however, Kleier will be the toughest leftie he has faced. This bull should be to the right in front of the chute, and he leans in and dips his inside shoulder with most riders ending up in the well. We will have to wait until the final section of Round 2 to see this matchup.

Championship Sunday Daysheet

Stay tuned for the Weekend PBR Wrap-Up, which will be out Monday following the conclusion of the event in Kansas City.

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