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Aussies Abroad – 25-Mar

The PBR’s Unleash the Beast Tour heads to Albuquerque, New Mexico this weekend for the three-day Ty Murray Invitational and both Brady Fielder and Sam Woodall are once again in the draw. ‘The Pit’ is a basketball court-sized arena and events are run with just two chutes on either side of the out gate, so the crowd are nice and close and the atmosphere is always electric. Pretty cool stuff and it is on my list on ‘one day’.

With that in mind, make sure you tune in on Facebook Live at 12:45 am on Saturday, 11:45 am on Sunday and 6:45 am on Monday. All times are AEST. There is also a 15/15 Bucking Battle scheduled for decision after Round 1, but I don’t think we will get to see that.

Fielder enters the event ranked 34th in the world. He is 4-points ahead of No. 35 ranked Brennon Eldred, and 543.50 points arear of the No. 1 ranked Joao Ricardo Vieira.

Woodall is ranked 53rd and is again in the draw thanks to an injury exemption. He is 37-points back from Eldred.

I will try to keep Aussies Abroad updated again this weekend as the rounds progress. I will be on the road for PBR Origin I in Newcastle, but I should find the time.

Let’s take a look at their matchups.

Round 1

Fielder will be out in the second half of the first section. He has drawn 7033 Polar Express from Martinez Bucking Bulls. This bull has recorded just two trips in the PBR and is undefeated with buck off times in the first half of the ride. He was marked 44-points on his debut on the Velocity Tour, and 42.75 points last month at the UTB event in Little Rock. Vision has been hard to find, so I can’t add much more.

Woodall has drawn Blake Sharp’s High Tide Blues, who is on debut this weekend. They will do battle in the middle of section three.

The full daysheet is available here.

Round 1 Results

Just a quick recap as I am sure you have all seen Woodall‘s 92-point round winning ride aboard High Tide Blues by now. If you haven’t, here it is!

Fielder also rode his bull Polar Express for 78-points. He was offered a re-ride after the bull dove and stumbled his way across the arena, but Brady turned it down and kept the score. He sits 8th on the leaderboard.

Round 2

Sam Woodall will be the first rider out in Round 2. He goes up against 637D Border Crisis from Hart Cattle and Hale. This bull was ridden in his only trip at the UTB level by Bob Mitchell for 86-points. He turns back to the left and doesn’t appear to have many tricks.

Brady Fielder rides at the back end of section 3 and he takes on one of the more experienced bulls in the round, 16B Budakon from Hart Cattle and Hale. 56 trips with 10 rides recorded averaging almost 88-points. The bull is usually around to the left not far from the chutes.

Round 2 Results

Late Update: Both Aussies bucked off in the second round. Sam’s bull was marked 44.5 points and Brady’s was 44-points.

Championship Sunday Results

Brady Fielder was out very early against Buckin’ for Cash from Paradigm Bull Company. He made a super ride away from his hand for 88.25 points. The score was going enough to split 4th in the round and he would progress to the short round as the Sunday was run as a single day event.

Sam Woodall faced Concealed Carry from Jerry Rush and Gene Owen in the final section of the long round. The bull turned back left and the buck off came at about the 3-second mark. They scored the bull 43.75 points. That buck off bought Sam’s weekend to an end.

Fielder drafted Casper from Crescent City Bucking Bulls, Lari Crane and Gene Owen. The bull got his foot caught in the back of the chute, so his re-ride bull was First Down from Hart Cattle Co and Farris. The re-bull turned back to the right with a bit of an off-time step early. Brady made a good adjustment but the bull flung him loose around the 6 second mark.

Fielder wound up splitting 4th and collected 34.5 points. He now sits 29th in the World, 22 points ahead of 35th and 553 points behind JRV.

Woodall‘s Friday performance has him 41st, 9.5 points behind the 35th ranked Adriano Salgado.


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