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Aussies Abroad – 24-Jan

It is shaping up as another big weekend for Aussie bull riding fans with five Australians competing in North America this weekend. Let’s waste no time and dive into the daysheets.

Here is this week’s edition of The PBR Rundown with all the event times and coverage details.

Saturday – PBR Canada Monster Energy Tour – Calgary, AB.

Lane Mellers will head north this weekend to kick off the 2020 PBR Canada Monster Energy tour in Calgary. The Mundubbera bull rider bucked off his long round draw at the Velocity Tour event in Portland.

UPDATE: Warwick’s Callum Miller will make his first PBR appearance since 2017. The right-handed 24-year-old has a career riding percentage of 29% in PBR competition.

Miller will ride in Section 3 and he will go up against Grizz from Wild Hoggs and Trish Streeter. This bull gets ridden around 25% of the time with scores in the mid to high 80-point range. Last season he posted his career-high bull score of 44.5 points in Stavely. This big and powerful bull was around to the left on that occasion.

Mellers‘ Round 1 opponent in the final out of Section 3 will be Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls’ Lon’s Lost It. This bull has had 11 PBR trips and has given up four scores in the low 80’s. He is pretty rank leaving the chutes, not always in control and can be in a hurry. He dips and dives and has turned back both ways in the past, but when he does turn back, things slow down in either direction.

Here is the full daysheet.

Saturday – PBR Unleash The Beast Tour – Sacramento, CA.

The trio of Aaron Kleier, Brady Fielder and Lawson Nobbs will once again fly the Aussie flag on the premier tour this weekend at the three-day event in Sacramento. Last week both Kleier and Fielder made the Manchester Championship Round, and they will be looking to keep the ball rolling, while Nobbs will be looking to bounce back after he was shut out in the long rounds.

Fielder will be the first Aussie listed in the draw, and he will be out before the break in Section 2. He will face Evan Matthews’ Angry Elf. This bull has been around for a few years now, and he has allowed just four scores. He has dominated right-handers in recent times as he takes one leap out and turns back left almost exclusively. Ride scores have been 85+ points.

The next to ride will be Nobbs, who will be out towards the end of Section 3. against Tested Crazy from Dakota Rodeo – Berger, Struve and Barnhard. This is a bull we saw ridden a fortnight ago in Chicago by Ezekiel Mitchel for 86.75 points although they have been as high as 90 points previously. He takes two jumps out and turns back to the left, and his forward movement is his strength.

Kleier will round out Section 4 against a bill from D&H Cattle and Harrison called Nathan. This bull has had a lot of rodeo trips but has only been bucked a few times in the PBR. After giving up a score in his debut PBR trip, this bull has gone on to buck off four straight riders and been marked as high as 45-points. In Round 4 of the 2019 World Finals, this bull turned back to the left after taking three or tour good leaps from the chute, but that was far from his best day.

Here is the full daysheet.

Sunday – PBR Velocity Tour – Lexington, KY.

Nathan Burtenshaw will be the lone Australian in Velocity Tour action this weekend. He will be hoping to continue building the momentum after recording a third-place finish in his 2020 debut last weekend at this level in Portland.

Burtenshaw will kick off the final section of the long round against Bring The Bling from my good friends at GEM Bucking Bulls. This bull should be to the left with excellent rhythm and timing. They have posted just two scores on him, and both of those scores belong to right-handers. He does get stronger as the ride progresses, but if you can hang with him, scores of 85+ points are on the table.

Here is the full daysheet.

Sunday – PBR Canada Monster Energy Tour – Calgary. AB.

In the second long round, Mellers will be out a couple of trips into Section 3 aboard Eno Bucking Bulls’ Honky Sam. This is a veteran bull with 40 outs experience, and the riders cover him just over 25% of the time. His regular trip is around to the left at pace not far from the gate, but we have seen him take a hop or two and turn right on the odd occasion. Ride scores are generally in the lower half of the 80-point bracket.

Miller will be out just a few trips later against Vold Rodeo’s Edge Of Tomorrow. This bull has three outs to his name and has allowed two rides in the 70-point range. Brady Fielder holds the high score with 79.5 points in Cluney last season. I have been unable to track down any vision of the bull performing.

Here is the full daysheet.

Sunday – PBR Unleash The Beast Tour – Sacramento, CA.

Just a quick update on Brady Fielder. For those that missed it, he copped a knock yesterday at the conclusion of his ride aboard Angry Elf. Justin Felisko provided the following updates via Twitter this morning.

“According to Dr Tandy Freeman, Brady Fielder is out of competition with a large intestine contusion. He is doubtful for OKC.”

“Brady Fielder says he is doing better this morning, but that he is likely going to remain in the hospital in Sacramento another night as he continues to be monitored by doctors.”

Round 2

Kleier has drawn Bailey’s Roxet Swag from Bridwell Pro Rodeos in Section 2. This bull has only had the one trip in the PBR, and that was at this event two years ago. He does have 20 outs in ProBullStats with the other 19 coming in the PCRA. There has been just one score posted, 87.5 points to Garrett Smith last year. The bull was marked 45 points in his last trip. I haven’t been able to find any recent vision.

Nobbs will be out in the final section of the long round against Culp Bucking Bulls’ Money. This bull has been unridden so far in his 8 trip PBR and PCRA career. Once again, any vision of his outs has been hard to find as this bull hasn’t had too many trips in the last year or so. He is another bull that has been marked 44 and 45 points in his last recorded outs.

15/15 Bucking Battle

Kleier gets his first shot at a 15/15, and his opponent will be Speed Demon from Dakota Rodeo – Berger, Struve and Heald Pro Bulls. Just nine riders have made the whistle aboard this bull in his 65 trips with all nine scores belonging to righties, but that is not necessarily bad news for the left-handed Kleier. It is hard to describe what this bull does, simply because he is very unpredictable. He can be a handful in the chutes and throws plenty of tricks at the rider after the gate cracks.

Here is the full daysheet.

Monday – PBR Unleash The Beast Tour – Sacramento, CA.

Just four riders are 2-for-2 and only 19 riders have a score heading into Round 3, and that means the door is wide open to make the short round with one score. There are some low ones on the board, so I think riders will have to be 87-points or better to ensure they get a fourth bull.

Both of the Australian’s will be out after the break in Section 1 with Kleier leading off against Rusty Bones from Julio Moreno and Bar CB. This bull has been out 17 times with the only ride coming on a off day. This bull jumps high in the air and has loads of drop. He tends to prefer a clockwise spin and he has been marked over 45 points a bunch of times, so a qualified ride should be enough to get him back if Kleier can make the bell.

Nobbs follows immediately aboard Diamond Bar Cattle’s Space Monkey. This bull has allowed two scores in his ten trips with Chase Outlaw the best at 88 points. He should turn straight back into Nobbs’ hand, but I am not sure we can manage a score high enough on this bull to get into the Top-15 on the leaderboard. Injuries may pay a big part in who makes it back. Last night this bull bucked off Derek Kolbaba.

Here is the full daysheet.

Stay tuned for the Weekend PBR Wrap-Up, which will be out sometime on Monday after a winner has been crowned in Sacramento. I will also try and get some results from the ABBI Australia and BBA Futurities which were held over the weekend and post an article tomorrow.

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