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Aussies Abroad – 22-Mar

Two Aussies will haul their gear bags to California’s San Joaquin Valley this weekend for the two-day PBR Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour’s Fresno Invitational.

Lawson Nobbs (Moura, QLD) will be hoping to keep the ball rolling following his big win in Bangor a fortnight ago while Kurt Shephard (Atherton, QLD) will head to California keen to make amends following a rough 0-for-4 event in Texas last weekend.

Round 1 from Fresno will be live on RidePass from 1:00 pm AEST on Saturday with Night 2 hitting our screens 23 hours later.

View this week’s edition of The PBR Rundown for all the updated event times and coverage details.

Round 1 Matchups

Both Aussies will be out in Section 1 on the Opening Night.

Nobbs will lead off against Nickey Dash from Tugger X Ranch and Troy Brown. This bull has had just the one out in PBR competition, and that was at the Iron Cowboy event in Los Angeles last month. Nickey Dash didn’t have a good night. He bucked in the chute and got a bit lost before backing out and hipping himself.

Nickey Dash ultimately turned back to the left and entered a fast spin, but I’m not too sure we can rely on that out to make a judgement. Brennon Eldred was offered a re-ride option in that round for the foul.

Shephard will attempt to bust out of his slump against Long Haul. This Evan Matthews’s bucker is unridden in 11 outs with his last three performances coming at the premier Unleash the Beast level. Long haul has been around to the right in the majority of his trips, bucking hard with loads of forward movement and can find himself winding across the arena. We have seen him turn back to the left but tends to stay in tight to the chute if he decides to go that way.

The buck off times on the Velocity Tour have mostly been in the first half of the ride with scores between 42 and 44 points awarded. On the Unleash the Beast Tour, riders tend to make it into the second half of the trip with bull scores of 42.5 across the board.

View the full Fresno Invitational Daysheet for Round 1 here.

Round 2 Matchups

Kurt Shephard bucked off in Round 1, but he gets a chance to make amends here against Savage from Jerry Brown Bucking Bulls.

This bull has been ridden once from four outs but has a habit of fouling as he leaves the chute. Ouncie Mitchell got the job done on Savage earlier this season, scoring 87 points to finish in second place in the long round at the Touring Pro event in Ontario, CA.

Savage will give it everything as soon as the chute cracks, turning back to the left with plenty of power and kick.

Lawson Nobbs was forced to withdraw from this event after being injured in the days leading into the event. More on this on Monday afternoon in my Weekend PBR Wrap Up.

Here is the full Daysheet for Round 2.

If you can’t tune in live on RidePass, keep your eye out on Monday for my Weekend PBR Wrap Up to find out how the Aussies fared.

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