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Aussies Abroad – 2020 Global Cup Edition

There have been a few rule changes for the 2020 edition with the teams reduced to six riders plus an alternate.

Teams can substitute their alternate rider in at any time, and they are also able to use the same rider twice on Day 1 in any combination.

Ten qualified rides will make up each team’s total score with upgrades coming with any additional rides made.

There will be two long rounds, plus bonus rounds across the weekend. Six riders will compete in each long round, and two riders will ride in the Bonus Rounds.

Check out the broadcast times here in the PBR Rundown.

Sunday – 2020 PBR Global Cup – Arlington, TX.

The matchups for the opening round were decided by a gimmicky draft where the teams where announced in a random order over six rounds.

You can watch the replay on the PBR Facebook page.

These all look great matchups for Team Australia and coaches Troy Dunn and Will Watson have done an outstanding job of putting them together, as you would expect. Let’s take a look at each of the six Team Australian matchups for Round 1.

Round 1 Matchups

Nathan Burtenshaw will carry the drinks for Round 1, but I am sure he will be raring to go for the Bonus Round.

Lachlan Richardson on Space Force

This bull from Dakota Rodeo – Chad Berger, Clay Struve and Heald Pro Bulls has had thirteen trips recorded in Probullstats, and nine of those have been in the PBR. Three scores averaging 87.58 points have been logged, and right-handers have a 1-for-2 record. He will turn back tight and to the right before drifting away from the chutes with excellent timing.

Cliff Richardson on Wicked Hou

This is a bucker from Hart Cattle Company, Hale and Wood who has been ridden in six of his 27 PBR performances. He should also turn back to the right as the gate cracks, but his action isn’t that smooth. He likes to dive forward on each movement and can jump around a bit. Ride scores have consistently been in the upper 80 point range.

Brady Fielder on Black Cadillac

This is a bull from Gene Owen and David Perry who we rarely see on tour and the past four riders have received a score. Right-handers are a perfect 3-for-3, and scores are generally over the 86 point mark. He will turn back to the right with excellent timing, and he doesn’t stray far from the bucking chutes.

Aaron Kleier on The Tickler

This bull from Dakota Rodeo – Chad Berger, Clay Struve and Ken Barnhard has been ridden in half of his twelve outs with left-handers 6-for-9. Scores have been as high as 91-points, but the average is in the high-80 point range. He will turn back to the left and he bucks at a nice tempo and doesn’t appear to have too many tricks.

Troy Wilkinson on Joker

This bull from Deer Prairie Creek Bucking Bulls has been around for just over a year now, and he has been covered in 25% of his outs. He holds an 0-for-3 record over left-handers. This bull has a few trips in him. He can be to the right or the left, and ride scores have been recorded around the 87 point range.

Ky Hamilton on Smokin’ Gun

This is a new bull from Hodges and Shuler who we got to see for the first time at the Denver Velocity Tour event last month. The bull had two trips at that event, and he was ridden once for 87.5 points. From memory, I am almost certain he turned back to the right on both occasions, which means he will be away from Hamilton’s hand, but his timing was pretty good.

Bonus Round Matchups

Nathan Burtenshaw on Speed Demon

This is a Dakota Rodeo – Chad Berger, Clay Struve and Heald Pro Bulls bucker who have given up nine scores in his 67 trips. All of the nine belong to right-hander’s and the majority have been upwards of 90-points. He is very unpredictable, can be a handful in the chutes and he throws plenty of tricks at the rider after the gate cracks.

Lachlan Richardson on Rebel Call

This bull is from Torres Brothers Bucking Bulls LLC and he has been ridden just once in 21 outs. That score was in the high 80-point range way back in 2018 but most riders make it well into the ride and past 6 seconds on the clock. This bull mixes up his trips as well, but he seems to prefer an anti-clockwise spin and he likes to sling his head around a lot.

Here is the full Night 1 daysheet.

Monday – 2020 PBR Global Cup – Arlington, TX.

Before we dive into the Round 3 matchups, there is an important piece of injury news coming to hand.

Following Round 1, Dr Tandy Freeman told PBR’s Justin Felisko that Ky Hamilton was doubtful for Day 2 with a right MCL injury and it looks as though he is out for the remainder of the weekend.

Rounds 3

Aaron Kleier on Full Count

This bull from Rocking F Bucking Bulls and Chase Foutch has had nine trips in the PBR and has been covered just once for 86.75 points. In his previous outs, he had preferred to turn back to the right, and once he gets into his work, he can show some forward movement and drift across the pen.

Lachlan Richardson on Trail of Tears

Four riders have heard the whistle aboard this bucker from CG Bucking Bulls and the Groundshakers Team from 14 attempts. The last two qualified rides have been 90+ points. He will turn back to the right, and he can do it at pace while he moves around in front of the chutes.

Troy Wilkinson on Night Sweats

We have seen this bull from Plummer and Hart Cattle Co. many times over the past few seasons, and we have seen him covered in around 25% of his outs. Scores average in the high 80-point range. He should turn back to the left in front of the chute, and he does move forward quite a lot in his turns. This bull beat Wilkinson back in 2018 at Albuquerque.

Brady Fielder on Night Hawk

This bull from Martinez Bucking Bulls has just the two trips in PBR competition. The only vision available was from the second ABBI Classic round at the 2019 Finals where he jumped out a long way from the gate and faked left before making a turn back to the right.

Nathan Burtenshaw on Quasimodo

This is another bull that we have only seen a handful of times from Tom Baker and Chase Foutch. He is unridden in three outs with two right-handers among the list. At the Velocity Tour Finals last year he turned back to the left with plenty of pace and whipped his backside around strong.

Cliff Richardson on Throw Down

This will be the first time this season that we will see this Bland Bucking Bulls bucker. He has had four trips in the PBR, and he has been ridden for a single score of 84.75 points, although he can go higher. This bull likes to fake to the left before making his turn to the right. In his past outs, we have seen him get a long way out into the arena in the process before the turn back.

Bonus Round

Follow along live or check back later today for a full wrap-up.

Here is the full Day 2 daysheet.

Check back on Monday to read a full recap of Team Australia’s 2020 PBR Global Cup campaign.

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