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Aussies Abroad – 2-Jul

This week will be a busy one with about a dozen Australian riders currently overseas and chomping at the bit to get on some of Canada’s rankest stock.

The Aussies will be facing a lot of bulls this week that I am not familiar with and with minimal vision available, I think I will leave the previews to the Ted and Wacey at Everything Cowboy. Make sure you give their website a visit for all things PBR Canada!

Here is this week’s PBR Rundown.

I will update this article each evening with any changes or updates to the draws and also post them on social media.

If you want to keep an eye on how our cowboys are going and don’t have access to RidePass at work, head to the Ride the Rage Score Center for my Live updates. I will wrap the whole week up on Sunday Morning.

Tuesday – Cluny Touring Pro

  • Will Purcell on OMB Full Sleeve (Wilson Rodeo)
  • Sam Payne on Rattler (Braithwaite Ranches) – Injured
  • Lachlan Slade on Gotta Go (Big Stone Rodeo Co.)
  • Jack Keats on Whats His Name (Big Stone Rodeo Co.)
  • Jake Curr on Herf (Two Bit Bucking Bulls)
  • Lawson Nobbs on Weed and Whiskey (Two Bit Bucking Bulls)
  • Donovan Rutherfurd on Border King (Foley Bucking Bulls)
  • Lane Mellers on Honkey Sam (Eno Bucking Bulls)
  • Aaron Kleier on Headstruck (Eno Bucking Bulls)
  • Brady Fielder on Edge of Tomorrow (Vold Rodeo)

View the full Cluny Daysheet.

Wednesday – Ranchman’s Day 1

  • Lachlan Slade on Raise a Ruckus (Vold Rodeo)
  • Sam Payne on Homeboy (Skori Bucking Bulls) – Injured
  • Donovan Rutherfurd on Shine Like Justice (Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls)
  • Jake Curr on Hot Tamale (Two Bit Bucking Bulls)
  • Jack Keats on Big John (Two Bit Bucking Bulls)
  • Lane Mellers on Real Bad Raisin (Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls)

View the Wednesday Daysheet for Ranchman’s.

Thursday – Ranchman’s Day 2

  • Will Purcell on Hollywood Undead (Vold Rodeo)
  • Brady Fielder on Simple Man (Vold Rodeo/Dynamite Buckers)
  • Lawson Nobbs on Cypress Hills Sinner (X6 Ranch Bucking Cattle)
  • Aaron Kleier on Minion Stuart (Skori Bucking Bulls)
  • Nathan Burtenshaw on Smash (Skori Bucking Bulls) – Withdrawl

View the Thursday Daysheet for Ranchman’s.

Friday – Ranchman’s Day 3

  • Will Purcell on Tykro Total (Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls) – This bull tends to start things off to the left and tends to mix up his trips. He isn’t easy and has been ridden just four times in his career. The last of those was for 84 points back in May by Chase Outlaw.
  • Donovan Rutherfurd on Fantastic Pet (Two Bit Bucking Bulls) – This bull has had just the three outs in PBR competition and has been ridden twice for scores in the mid-80’s. He tends to favour a left-handed spin with plenty of speed.
  • Brady Fielder on Mogely (X6 Ranch Bucking Cattle) – This bull has no marked outs in PBR competition.
  • Aaron Kleier on Uptown Funk (Vold Rodeo) – I think I have the right bull here. Uptown Funk looks to be one of the toughest long round draws of the night. Unridden in 14 trips but there is no vision.

View the Friday Daysheet for Ranchman’s.

Saturday – Edgerton Touring Pro

  • Brady Fielder on Headstruck (Eno Bucking Bulls)
  • Nathan Burtenshaw on Dunt (Skori Bucking Bulls) – Withdrawn
  • Troy Berry on Power Dozer (Brian Cummings / Mainline Bucking Bulls)
  • Lachlan Slade on Hanna Motors Jack Sprat (Skori Bucking Bulls)
  • Lawson Nobbs on Wacko Jacko (Foley Bucking Bulls)
  • Aaron Kleier on Jitter Bug (Girletz Bucking Bulls)
  • Will Purcell on Can’t Catch Me (Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls)

View the Edgerton Daysheet.

Check back on Sunday for a special Weekend PBR Wrap-Up with all of the latest results!

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