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Aussies Abroad – 16-Jul

The summer run continues this week with ten PBR Touring Pro events scheduled for decision in the USA and Canada.

There are still around a dozen Australian riders in North America, and this article will once again be a work in progress as each of the events are completed. I will keep it updated as daysheets appear on the PBR Website.

In case you missed this week’s edition of the PBR Rundown, here it is.

Tuesday – PBR Touring Pro – Day 1 Jackson, WY.

Ky Hamilton on Bugatti (Dakota Rodeo/Berger/Struve)
I am not too sure what to expect from this bull as all he only has six outs recorded in ProBullStats with just one bull score over 40 points. Hamilton, on the other hand, comes into the event in great form after taking out a PCRA event in Mesquite, TX last weekend.

Lachlan Slade on The Blacklist (Dakota Rodeo/Berger)
Slade is yet to record a qualified ride in his North American campaign, and things don’t get much easier here. This bull has been turning in some good performances this summer with his four trips resulting in four straight buck offs. There is no vision available but defeated Chase Outlaw in 2.33 seconds back in June with a 43.5 point bull score.

Nathan Burtenshaw on Red Sails in the Sunset (Dakota Rodeo/Berger/Struve/Heald Pro Bulls)
Burtenshaw makes his return injury and looks to have drawn a nice bull. Red Sails in the Sunset has performed at all levels of PBR competition and has been ridden 23 times in his 61 outs. He usually turns back to the left, but we shouldn’t rule out a fake and a right-handed spin. He bucks at a pretty good tempo and ride scores are mostly in the mid to high 80 point range.

Here is the Jackson Day 1 Daysheet

Wednesday – PBR Touring Pro – Day 2 Jackson. WY.

Ky Hamilton on Lil Hank (Dakota Rodeo/Berger/Struve)
I am hoping that this is the correct bull. Riders have posted qualified rides on Lil Hank (or Little Hank?) in seven of his sixteen PBR trips over the past two seasons with scores in the mid to high 80 point range. I have only been able to track down one replay from back in 2017 when the bull appeared pretty young and raw.

Lachlan Slade on Undertaker (EVP Bucking Bulls)
Another one that has been hard to track down. Undertaker may be a recent transfer from ER Bucking Bulls. Undertaker has been out four times with just one ride recorded. That was for 71.25 points, but the bull scores have been much better than that mark which suggests it was an off day for the rider. Once again, No vision.

Nathan Burtenshaw on Huckleberry (Dakota Rodeo/Berger/Struve/ Barnhard)
We have seen this bull multiple times this year on the Unleash The Beast tour, and the better riders seem to get on well with him. He is generally around to the left with good power and gets stronger as the ride progresses. Huckleberry has been ridden 11 times from 26 outs with right-handed riders getting the job done around 45% of the time.

Here is the Jackson Daysheet for Day 2

Thursday – PBR Touring Pro – Salinas, CA.

Lachlan Slade on Magnum (Four Star Rodeo)
There are just the three outs recorded for this bull in ProBullStats with all three coming in PCRA competition. He has been covered twice for low 80 point rides.

Nathan Burtenshaw on Fantastic (Humpz and Hornz / Sis ‘N’ Stan Bucking Bulls)
This bull didn’t show his best at the Reno Rodeo last month, but he was strong at the west coast Velocity Tour events earlier this season. He was ridden for 88 and 89 points at back to back events. Fantastic only seems to know one speed, and that is flat out, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a pattern to his outs although he appears to prefer turning left.

Here is the Salinas Daysheet

Friday – PBR Touring Pro – Grand Junction, CO.

Ky Hamilton on High Stakes (Windy Valley Buckers)
This bull has had just the one out so far in his PBR career, and that was at the Prescott Valley Touring Pro back in April. He buckled off the rider in 3.19 seconds with a bull score of 40.5 points.

Here is the Grand Junction Daysheet

Saturday – PBR Canada Touring Pro – Czar, AB.

Aaron Kleier on Pretty in Prison (Flying High Rodeo Co.)
Riders have covered this bull in three of his four outs in 2019. Chase Outlaw was 84.5 points at Cluny earlier this month, and Jordan Hansen scored 83.5 at the Calgary Stampede. Looks a steady draw for Kleier. Pretty in Prison should be around to the right with no tricks.

Lane Mellers on Mighty Moe (Thompson Rodeo Livestock)
Mighty Moe is unridden in his five trips this calendar year. The last time we saw him ridden was at the PBR Canada Finals for 83 points. The bull can turn back in either direction and can be a rough ride.

Troy Berry on Fired Up Freddy (Foley Bucking Bulls)
This bull has been tough to cover in the past. However, in his past three performances, two riders have got the job done. Tanner Byrne was 84.5 points at the PBR Canada Finals. The bull took an age to turn back to the right after ducking and diving his way out into the arena.

Brady Fielder on Solid 3 (Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls)
It looks like Solid 3 is a recent transfer into the Wild Hoggs pen from Xover 6 Ranch. He has had just the one out in 2019 and at was at Teepee Creek in march where Garrett Green scored 83 points. His bull scores are consistently in the very low 40 point range with most riders making it into the second half of the ride.

Jake Curr on El Camino (Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls)
El Camino is a good draw in this round. He gets covered 50% of the time in PBR competition. The bull puts in a few effort jumps leaving the chutes and then gets down to business around to the right. Ride scores have been in the low 80’s, but that will be enough to get Curr another bull.

Donovan Rutherfurd on Headstruck (Eno Bucking Bulls)
This bull has been covered in just three of his ten PBR outs with Lachlan Richardson’s 86 point effort last year in Stavely the highest marked ride. Headstruck will be around to the right at a good clip so it will take a substantial effort to make the whistle.

Checkout the Full Daysheet for Czar.

Sunday – PBR Canada Touring Pro – Manor, SK.

There is very limited information available for all of the bulls contracted for Manor so here is the rundown of the matchups for the Aussie riders.

  • Will Purcell on Spit Shot (Lazy S Bucking Bulls)
  • Aaron Kleier on Point Break (CS Bucking Bulls)
  • Donovan Rutherfurd on Lil Wayne (CS Bucking Bulls)
  • Jack Keats on Herbal Whiskey (Rafter 8 Bucking Bulls)
  • Troy Berry on Tramp Brew (R Saga Ranch)
  • Brady Fielder on Fining Overhaul (Flying Four Bucking Bulls)
  • Jake Curr on Mystic (R Saga Ranch)
  • Lane Mellers on Finning Drop Bear (Flying Four Bucking Bulls)

Here is the Full Daysheet for Manor.

Once again, I am not expecting to see the results updated straight away, but if they are updated live, or the boys send me through any scores, I will add them into the Ride the Rage Score Center.

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