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Aussies Abroad – 12-Mar

This week we will see two Aussies compete at the Unleash the Beast event in Glendale, Arizona.

The opening round of the two-day event will get underway at 11:45 am AEST on Sunday, and we will be able to catch it on Facebook Live. Those wanting to see Championship Sunday should logon around 6:45 am AEST on Monday.

Let’s take a look at the long round matchups for our cowboys:

Round 1

Here is the full daysheet for Round 1

Brady Fielder will be out in the second half of the first section of the round, and his opponent will be Buck Wild from 4B Bucking Bulls. This bull has been ridden six times in his career, with right-handed riders recording five of those scores. The latest went to Austin Richardson in Los Angeles for 86-points which is just below average. He should turn back to the right and buck at a nice tempo. This is one that the Clermont cowboy will be expecting to ride.

Sam Woodall will be out early in the second section against War Cry from Julio Moreno and Schott Bucking Bulls. In his 45 trips, this bull has been ridden just seven times. The latest scores have been marked in the high-80s and into the 90s. Right-handers tend to do just as well as lefties despite this bull preferring an anti-clockwise spin. His regular trip is an intense one. He whips around very quickly, so the Heywood talent will need to hustle to keep up.

Round 2

Here is the full daysheet for Round 2

A quick update on how the boys fared in Round 1.

Brady Fielder sits 8th in the aggregate after posting 83.5 points aboard Buck Wild. He got out of shape early but fought back to regain control and finish off the ride. The bull turned back to the right and turned in his usual honest effort accounting for half the score.

Sam Woodall looked good early against War Cry but the bull got the better of him at 4.21 seconds. The bull turned back powerfully to the left as expected.

Both Aussies will be out in the seconds half of Round 2, so there is no need to get out of bed too early (6:45 am AEST start).

Fielder will be the first rider out in Section 3 against Skippy from Skippy & Linda Johnston and The Jaynes Gang. We have only seen this bull buck twice in the PBR and he has a 1-and-1 record. The score went to Joao Augusto Cezere on the Velocity Tour at Fort Worth for 85.5 points. He will be around to the right and he bucks at a really nice tempo. Brady probably needs another score to ensure he gets back into the 12-man short-go, and this bull will deliver the score he needs.

Woodall anchors the third section against Facetious from Paradigm Bull Company. This looks a really nice draw for Sam and will give him a chance to make it back into the Championship Round. The bull has been ridden seven times from thirteen outs and right-handers own six of the scores at a success rate of 50%. In January at Sacramento he was ridden twice for scores of 89.25 and 88.75 points. He has been turning back to the right and has a bit of a hop-step to his action which can slow down the spin slightly.


Brady Fielder needed to start fast against Skippy but the buck off came at 3.13 seconds. The bull turned back to the right but Brady lost balance and ended up with his spurs on the neck of the bull and was flung out of there. That left him in 13th place at the time and ultimately in 17th at the event. He collected 12 world points and remains 33rd in the 2022 PBR World Standings.

Sam Woodall‘s weekend came to a close in 1.58 seconds after Facetious turned right but stalled. Sam was a bit too committed to the spin and came down into what would have been the well. He finished the weekend ranked 47th in the World Standings.


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