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Aussies Abroad – 10-Jan

As I mentioned in this week’s edition of The PBR Rundown, there is plenty of bull riding to come over the next ten or so days, so the website will be continually updated as the draws get released.

Saturday – PBR Velocity Tour – Reno, NV.

No flight issues this week for Lane Mellers and Lawson Nobbs who will both kick off their 2020 USA run in The Biggest Little City in the World.

In Section 3 of Round 1, Mellers will go up against Blame It On The Whiskey from my good friends Skip and Elaine Jones at JQH Bucking Bulls. This bull has been out thirteen times in the PBR’s minor leagues and has been ridden just twice. He turns back to the left and bucks hard with an average bull score nudging 43 points. Interestingly, both qualified rides belong to right-handed riders and were scored in the high 80 point range.

Nobbs will be out in the final section of the round aboard Fat Boy from Rafter B Bucking Bulls. This bull has bucked twelve times in the lower levels of PBR competition and has been ridden three times with the latest scores landing in the high 80-point range. He is a nugget of a bull who can turn back in either direction and isn’t afraid to reverse direction mid-ride. He bucks at a nice tempo and his previous bull scores average out at around 41.5 points.

Here is the full daysheet for Round 1 in Reno.

Sunday – PBR Unleash The Beast Tour – Chicago, IL.

Aaron Kleier and Brady Fielder make their way from The Big Apple to The Windy City for this week’s Premier Tour stop. UPDATE: Troy Wilkinson will make his way across the Pacific tonight after gaining a late alternate spot in the event.

Fielder will ride in the opening section of Round 1 against Biker Bob from Dakota Rodeo – Chad Berger, Clay Struve and H&C Bucking Bulls. This bull has been bucked a bunch of times and he gets ridden around 25% of the time. Unfortunately for Fielder, all but one of those qualified rides belong to left-handers. In his last five PBR trips, he has been ridden for 90+ points. He will be around to the left and bucking hard not far from the chute.

Kleier will open the second section and he is matched up with Hard Juice from Next Level Bucking Bulls. This bull has had just the three trips in the PBR and he has been ridden each time for ride scores in the high 80 point range. Kleier will be the first left-hander to climb aboard. This bull turns back to the left with no fuss and bucks consistently for the entire eight seconds.

Wilkinson will take on Iceberg Slim from Blake Sharp and Henry Wilson. The pair will go at it in Section 5. The bull has had just the one trip in the PBR, and that was at this event in 2018 where Cody Nance was 81.5 points. I am not sure we should take much from that out, but he was around to the left initially before reversing mid-ride.

Here is the full daysheet for Night 1 in Chicago.

Sunday – PBR Velocity Tour – Reno, NV.

Lawson Nobbs put a qualified ride on the board in Round 1 and progressed to the second night of competition. His opponent in the very last out of the round will be Jackhammer from Flip’em Buck’en Bulls and Knapp. This bull had his second PBR trip in Round 1 and he carried Jesse Petri to an 85.5 point ride. If my hazy memory serves me correctly, this bull turned back to the right and appeared to buck at a nice tempo.

Here is the full daysheet for Saturday Night in Reno.

Monday – PBR Unleash The Beast Tour – Chicago, IL.

Section 1 of the long round will feature Brady Fielder and he has drawn Bugle Boy from Blake Sharp in Section 1. This bull has bucked 33 times in PBR competition and has been ridden 10 times, with 4 of those scores coming in his last 7 trips. He walks out of the chute and then launches forward, turning back sharply to the right as he lands. From there he settles into a nice tempo with mid to high 80-point rides regularly recorded.

Troy Wilkinson will be the next Aussie rider to go on Championship Sunday and he faces Bottoms Up from TCB Ranch and K-C Bucking Bulls in Section 2. This bull has been covered 5 of 19 times. He doesn’t mess around, turns straight back to the left and spins fast and kicks hard. Regular scores are in the upper 80-point range.

In the final section, Aaron Kleier goes against Mason’s Missouri Golden from Dakota Rodeo – Berger, Struve and Heald Pro Bulls. Just two riders have made the bell aboard this bull in 28 trips, but both scores went to left-handers. Chase Outlaw was the latest with 87-points in Round 3 at the 2019 World Finals but they have been 88+ points. He turns left from the gate, winds his way across the arena, backing up and giving it his all.

Here is the full daysheet for Sunday in Chicago.

I will have a special edition of Aussies Abroad available early in the week to cover the three-day event in Denver so stay tuned for that, plus my Weekend PBR Wrap-Up will be out as soon as a winner has been crowned in Chicago.

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