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About Me

Hi, I am Josh Hanson, and I created Ride the Rage early in 2018.

I am a fan of the sport of bull riding and started this site as a platform to keep Australian bull riding fans informed of all things PBR Australia by providing a regular source of news and opinion.

I hope to produce quality features and commentary on the many Aussie bull riders competing here on home soil and overseas.

Growing up in the Wide Bay Burnett region of Queensland, I developed an interest in livestock and rodeo at a young age. During my younger years, I spent time mustering cattle, riding horses at local shows, and enjoying the bull rides that usually followed.

After following the BFTS events on CMC and Foxtel for many years, the first PBR Australia event I attended was the 2007 PBR World Cup on the Gold Coast. This event kicked off my addiction, and in 2008, I began travelling across the Pacific to attend the PBR and ABBI World Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada. This trip has since become an annual pilgrimage for me each November.

I hope you enjoy what you read on Ride the Rage, and I hope you find the site useful!