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2019 PBR Australia Grand Finals, Night 2 – The Morning Line

It’s time for Championship Saturday Night at the 2019 PBR Australia Grand Finals, and we will see the final three rounds of the season.

There are plenty of great matches set for decision in Round 3 and Round 4 while the Championship Round pen is chockablock full of Australia’s rankest bucking bulls.

Here are the highlight matchups:

Round 3 Matchups

Nathan Burtenshaw on Silent Rage (Dittmann Bucking Bulls):

Silent Rage has been out forty times in his career, and just two of the eight riders that have reached the whistle have been right-handers. He is consistently around to the left and can be slightly off tempo in his action which disrupts the cowboy early in the ride. With two scores already on the board, a qualified ride here would put Burtenshaw in an excellent spot with two rounds remaining, but the odds are against him here. These two met up in 2017 at Last Cowboy Standing with the bull getting the quick win.

Fraser Babbington on Shots (Dittmann Bucking Bulls):

Babbington also has two scores on the board entering night two, and he looks set to go out with a bang. This is a good draw for Babbington despite Shots preferring a left-handed spin which will be away from the Kiwi’s hand. He has a nice tempo, and righties have recorded five of the last six qualified rides.

Eduardo Aparecido on Bud Buster (Kasper and JD Bucking Bulls):

Bud Buster bucked off Brady Fielder in Round 1 last night after he made a dive to the right before turning back to the left. His regular trip in his previous outs has been to the right. This is one of those matchups that could go either way, depending on what the bull decides to do, but Aparecido looked in good form last night.

Troy Wilkinson on Flaunt It (Dunne Bulls):

Fraser Babbington covered this bull away from his hand for 83-points last night, and I expect we will see Wilkinson attain a similar result here. Flaunt It wasn’t as strong leaving the chutes as he usually is last night, and he made a dive to the right before turning back to the left. Wilkinson sits 14th in the aggregate so if he is to make a move up the leaderboard, and this could be the perfect partner for him.

Cliff Richardson on Jackie Who (Dunne Bulls):

Jackie Who is a rider favourite because he delivers a consistent trip that can provide enough points to place in any regular long round. He will fake to the left and turn back to the right and into Richardson’s hand with great rhythm. With just the single score on the board, Richardson should be one of those riders making a move here in Round 3. 

Aaron Kleier on Mixed Culture (Brandenburg Bucking Bulls):

I have not seen too much of this bull we only really get to see him at the Touring Pro events in Western Queensland. There have only been two scores recorded on this bull in his nine PBR trips and the last of those by Aaron Kleier. The pair combined for 88-points and the Round 2 win on the second day at Mount Isa in June. At Origin this year, this bull turned back to the right, which will be away from Kleier’s hand. 

Lachlan Richardson on oOh! Call Me Joe (Throsby & Russell Bucking Bulls):

It is hard to believe that we have never seen these two go up against each other in PBR competition. Call me Joe has now been out thirty times and given up eight scores with five of those going to right-handed riders. We didn’t see the best of this bull last night when he bucked off Troy Wilkinson, but I expect him to bounce back and deliver an excellent bull score. Richardson, into his hand, is usually a safe bet, and these two could combine for something big.

Brady Fielder on Cattle King Ted (Dittmann Bucking Bulls):

This looks a tough matchup for Fielder as he looks to keep chipping away at Kleier’s lead. Ted has been covered just once in sixteen outs. He also wasn’t at his most active last night, but again, I expect him to rebound. He will be to the left, strong with some forward movement. Fielder will have to be at the top of his game to hear the whistle onboard.

Round 4 Matchups

Nathan Burtenshaw on Iron Jacket (Wallace Bucking Bulls):

This looks another excellent opportunity for Burtenshaw who may be gunning for four-straight qualified rides. Iron Jacket gives up a ton of scores because he possesses excellent timing and can go both ways leaving the chute. Kaique Pacheco covered this bull last night but opted to take a re-ride option through no fault of the bull. Aaron Kleier and Lachlan Richardson were the previous two riders to post a score, marked 87 and 88 points to post runner-up finishes in their respective rounds.

Brady Fielder on Freckles Brown (Wallace Bucking Bulls):

Another interesting draw for Fielder. Sam Woodard was 86.25 points on this bull last night, and he started left, before reversing and finishing to the right. This bull used to turn right, but since they changed him to the right-delivery, he now turns left, mostly. Not too many right-handed riders have drawn Freckles Brown in his career, so this may be a bit of a test case.

Cliff Richardson on Seek and Destroy (Wallace Bucking Bulls):

This is another bull that has not been covered for over a year, and we have seen numerous streaks broken this weekend in Townsville already. Seek and Destroy should turn back to the right, and not stray too far from the chute which sets Richardson up well. The bull has been 42.5 and 43 points in his last two trips, so he is no pushover, and this looks a genuine flip of the coin.  

Kaique Pacheco on Annihilation (Brandenburg Bucking Bull):

This is one of the matchups of the night, alongside the next trip which I will get to shortly. Kaique would have shaken off a lot of rust and nerves last night, and we should see the champ back to his best here. Annihilation will be around to the right and fast. There isn’t too much else to dissect here, and It is just a matter of if the Brazilian can stick with him.

Aaron Kleier on Take the Gamble (Brandenburg Bucking Bulls):

Take the Gamble has now bucked off 27 straight in his unridden PBR career. He is mostly around to the left and is as rank as they get leaving the chutes. He gets most of his opponents down in under 2-seconds. These two should give a magnificent sight.

Lachlan Richardson on Cattle King King’s Ransom (Dittmann Bucking Bulls):

Richardson will be pushing for a berth in the Championship Round, and he gets a chance to post a good score here aboard King’s Ransom. This bull has given up 86.5 points to two veteran riders in his past two trips. He will be around to the right which will suit Richardson just fine.

Rubens Barbosa on Cattle King Ray Ban (Dittmann Bucking Bulls):

Barbosa was down early twice last night, which was a surprise to most. We don’t see Ray Ban covered too often, but when he is, they combine for a ton of points. The bull should be into his hand. If Barbosa doesn’t already have a score on the board, he will be gunning for the round win. If he does ride time in Round 3, he gets a great shot at making a big leap up the leaderboard.

Eduardo Aparecido on Aces & Eights (Throsby & Russell Bucking Bulls):

This bull turned out one of the best outs of the night last night, kicking the lights out and posting his highest career bull score. Aces & Eights is one of those bulls that is so rank; he is hard to predict. This should be a great battle with Aparecido in contention for the event win.

View the full Night 2 Daysheet here.

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