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2019 Last Cowboy Standing – The Late Mail

As I have mentioned in my previews this week, Last Cowboy Standing always throws a few curly ones at the riders and those trying to predict a winner.

Riders generally have to navigate a tricky Round 1 draw to progress into the second round where a stronger pen awaits. There are a few favourable draws in Round 2 so I think if we follow the bracket through these routes, we can at least get a cowboy or two through to the random draw for the Championship Round.

One of the better draws in Round 2 is Jackie Who who has been ridden seven times from nine outs for an average score of 84.43 points. This Dunne Bulls bucker awaits either Jay Borghero or 2018 Last Cowboy Standing Cliff Richardson.

Both riders have a chance to make it through but in my preview of the Matchups, I took Cliff Richardson so we will stick with him and I think he can handle most of the Championship Round pen no matter who he draws and can go back-to-back.

View the full 2019 Last Cowboy Standing Daysheet.

Brady Fielder also looks to have a nice passage through the draw, facing the consistent Pistol Whip from Dunne Bulls in the opening round. If he can progress, he will then line up with High Class Hooker from Dittmann Bucking Bulls in Round 2.

High Class Hooker will be around to the right and should be a good fit for the leader of the 2019 PBR Australia Rookie of the Year race. When we dove Inside the Bullpen, we saw that right-handed riders enjoyed a 66% success rate against this bull.

It’s hard to predict this one, but in the Second Chance section of the draw, the second qualifier will face Wallace Bucking Bulls Iron Jacket who have had eight qualified rides recorded from twelve outs for an average of 86 points.

Whichever cowboy has the luck to progress through the bottom side of the Second Chance draw will find themselves in the Championship Round.

Tune in from 4:00 pm AEST for Live Coverage of the 2019 Last Cowboy Standing on my Live Event Updates page. I will be out at the Brisbane Entertainment Center so will have all the backstage news covered.

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