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2019 Last Cowboy Standing – Inside the Bull Pen

Some of PBR Australia’s best bucking bulls await the cowboys in Round 2 and 3 of Last Cowboy Standing.

It’s always hard to preview anything past Round 1 but here are a couple of key matchups that we could see in Round 2 of Last Cowboy Standing if my predictions are correct.

POA Ray Ban vs. Mitchel Paton or Joshua Jones:

This looks a tough but ridable draw for either rider, but he probably suits Paton a bit better. Ray Ban averages a bull score of 43.03 points and has been covered just three times. The Dittmann Bucking Bulls bucker was ridden at PBR Origin in Sydney last weekend by Nathan Burtenshaw for 89.5 points.

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Lock n Load vs. Ethan Watts or Kurt Shephard:

This bull from Dittmann Bucking Bulls has now bucked off his last nine riders and will present a challenge to either rider. Ridden just three times in his PBR career, the cowboys have recorded an average ride score of 84.33 points with the bull score averaging out at 42.99 points.

Slam n Jam vs. Lachlan Richardson or Justin Robards:

Slam n Jam has now bucked off his last 20 riders for Brandenburg Bucking Bulls and MJ Bucking Bulls with an average mark of 42.98 points. The average buck off time in his previous ten outs is 3.07 seconds. This will be the first time that either rider will matchup with Slam n Jam and I think his action may suit Richardson a bit more than Robards.

High Class Hooker vs. Dan Rogan or Brady Fielder:

Kurt Shephard won Round 1 of PBR Origin on this bull last weekend after they combined for 87 points. The Dittmann Bucking Bulls bucker will be around to the right, and if you can make it past the three-second mark of the ride, you can generally go on and make a score. Since the 2017 PBR Australia Finals, right handed riders have enjoyed a 66% success rate while left-handed riders sit at 18% which gives Fielder a better chance than Rogan.

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Second Chance Matchup

To complete Round 2, the highest ranked cowboy in the second chance match will face Freckles Brown from Wallace Bucking Bulls. He is unridden in PBR Competition with his bull scores from his ten outs averaging 43.70 points.

Also awaiting a cowboy in the second chance match will be Freckles Brown’s pen mate Iron Jacket who is a rider favourite. He has been covered eight of ten times for an average ride score of 86 points.

The Championship Round Pen

Headlining the pen for the final round will be the Dittmann Bucking Bulls pair of POA Fully Locked & Loaded and POA Palooka. Fresh off their awards at PBR Origin in Sydney last weekend, the whole team will be fired up for another strong performance. Fully Locked & Loaded is averaging a bull score of 43.9 points with just five riders recording qualified rides from over 30 outs. POA Palooka’s averages a 43.6 point bull score and only two riders have heard the bell and received a score.

The reigning Stock Contractors of the Year Throsby and Russell Bucking Bulls bring us Ooh Call Me Joe and Ooh Mr Buckmore. Both bulls have been flying this year, with Call Me Joe averaging a bull score of 43.42 points for the season and 43.92 points across his career. Mr Buckmore’s average comes in at 43.05 points. Both bulls are an excellent fit for right-handed riders with scores upwards of 87.5 points very common.

There are also three unridden bulls in the pen with Berzerk from Brandenburg Bucking Bulls and MJ Bucking Bulls 8-for-8, Rata Tat Tat from BK Bucking Bulls 7-for-7 and Black Tuxedo from Wallace Bucking Bulls 3-for-3. Dunne Bulls also brings us Tough Task who is 18-for-22 with an average ride score of 86.25 points.

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